In an attempt to usher in spring and as a follow-up to my last post, I will start posting some of my numerous flower pictures.  Between trips with Erika to Longwood Gardens, walks at the Arboretum, and other random pictures from the game lands, Savannah, etc. I have a TON of flower pictures.  We'll get started in a sec.

I've taken this week off from running.  For some reason these last two or so weeks my body has been completely rebelling against everything-extreme fatigue, aching everywhere.  I try to run, work out, and can't make my body do what I want it to.  Such a frustrating feeling.  A full blood panel shows only that my thyroid is hypo again.  Okay, fine, but that isn't the cause of this.  I think I've physically caught up with where I am emotionally.  So hopefully a week off will help and then starting again slowly.  Sigh.

I'm eager to get started again as I keep getting recruited by the Nittany Valley Hash House Harriers.  I'm not totally sure what …

April Snows Bring May...?

So I've been anxiously waiting for winter to end and, despite having a few teasers, summer just can't seem to get a foothold here in central Pennsylvania.  Annoying for a cold-natured southern girl like me.  At least, as of May 1, it isn't snowing.  Chilly and rainy, yes.  Snowing, no.

That was NOT the case less than a month ago when I kicked off my trail running season at my usual inaugural race, The Dirty Kiln.  Or, as they were calling it this year, The Snowy Kiln.  Fortunately, we didn't get as much snow as predicted and the temps were a bit higher than expected.  They took out the water crossings due to the below freezing temperatures, which was disappointing.  But I'm glad they did.  I got some extra warm running gear and enjoyed a nice 5.5 miles in the snowy woods.  I performed much better than expected too, which is always a bonus.

One thing is clear, I need to work on my running faces!  I never think about the fact that people take pictures during these thin…

Midnight in the Garden

Savannah's popularity really seemed to take off following the publication of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and the associated movie.  Never read the book.  The movie served the purpose of entertainment and did star Kevin Spacey (one of the few actors I actually like) but people became obsessed with it.  Savannah is similar to what I assume New Orleans is like in that it's a safe place for people to be their quirky selves and the book and movie really highlighted some of Savannah's more interesting characters.  I say check it out for mild entertainment and to see Savannah.

I finally got around to pulling some pictures and chose to do some night photos of Savannah (hence the title).  There are a couple of pictures from the phone (you can tell because they totally suck!) but most are real!

But searching through pictures I found some to tack onto the last entry.  I found a few pictures of Corvus's dad from the National Working Dog Championsh…